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Welcome to Ricekraft

Ricekraft is India's first rice-based personal care brand. Take care of your face with Ricekraft's Enlive 100% natural and vegan face care products. We know healthy skin can be a struggle, so we create formulas rich in natural components to give you stronger, healthy skin. We employ innovative science to transform nature's ingredients into products that rebalance and renew your skin.

Just Be Sure To Stand Out. 


Our Roots

Not all coincidences happen to be a miracle. We have been in the business of rice mills for over 25 years. And we found out that rice is not only served as a delicious dish but is also a part of the skincare routine for Koreans over a long time, and that's as good as a miracle for us.

After some research, we saw the beneficial effect of rice on our skin, and now we know why it has been a part of Korean and Japanese culture for thousands of years. Not only has rice been part of their diet, but it has also been giving them healthy and glowing skin.

So, we would like to represent "RiceKraft," a personal care product brand that will provide you with 100% natural toxic-free and vegan products with the charm of rice. 


What we put in

Nature's Goodness + Real Science. How do we balance the two?

First, we carefully cultivate our natural ingredients in ideal conditions and then harvest them eco-friendly.

Our activation method keeps the Goodness of nature without excess heat or excessive chemical solvents. That means our natural ingredients are pure and potent.


Sustainable Packaging

Just as skin can be vulnerable and require special care - so does our planet. To maintain the beauty of our planet, we are determined to reduce packaging waste and employ more recyclable, recycled, and renewable materials. We vow to continue accomplishing our part, learning and evolving, as we continue this journey together. 


Our Commitment to Wellness

At Ricekraft, we are committed to healthy, holistic practices that ensure we always do right by you, your family, and the planet. Here's where we stand when it comes to the things you've told us are important to you.


Be Sure To Stand Out

Count on us for healthy and glowing skin: Discover the Power of Restorative Natural Ingredients and Get Ready for the Healthiest-Looking Skin You've Ever Had.